Hello World!

You’ve ever wondered how it feels to be in a different place, living different life, and different roles. Haven’t you?

Because as a teenager and having to bear my occasionally wandering thoughts, I do. As teens we thirst to see the world in different ways, discover new things, and probably try a little bit of madness to feed the wildness in our minds. Eager to visit one place to another and find the true form of ourselves.

As someone who aspire to travel the world one day, I’ve always wanted to jot down my adventures and ideas so I could share it with people I know and some I probably don’t. I want to share it with other people who felt the same need as me to see how it feels to be in an entirely different place through another person’s view and opinion.

So here I am writing down the first entry of my own site, I first want to say hello.

Welcome to my blog.

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