[Review] EDOGIN, Hotel Mulia – Jakarta

Fancy restaurants hasn’t been my favourite place to eat, but since my mother had her own idea I didn’t regret this.

(courtesy: http://www.themulia.com)

Edogin is my favourite Japanese restaurants I have ever eaten in. Located inside Hotel Mulia, the restaurant is known for serving fine dining foods. It costs Rp. 800.000,- without alcohol for one person to enjoy a dinner here, but compared to any Japanese serving restaurants you’ve probably visited this price pays it all.

What do they offer?

I visited Edogin for the first time together with my family and my parents’ friends. Arriving, we were greeted kindly and were led downstairs towards the restaurant area.


We booked two teppanyaki tables where you sit around a chef cooking food for you. Note it’s probably cheaper if you want to book a normal table without the chef but you have to pick your ingredients and then queue your plates in the public teppanyaki grill.

Visiting during the Ramadhan the waitress offered us free hot tea for breaking our fast. Because the waitress are still preparing the food I guided myself to pick vegetables and meat for the chef to cook.

The restaurant offers so many cuisines you can choose yourself, from raw sashimi to traditional kolak. A few foods that I picked until I realized my table was too full was odeng, cooked sushi, raw sashimi, tempura, miso soup, oyster, and grilled fish.

Other than teppanyaki there is also a stand where you can order different types of sea creatures to be grilled! That includes this huge pieces of octopus legs and sanma fish.

If you feel like you’re not full enough by only eating fish they offer you two types of Japanese rice which are the normal white rice and fried rice. I didn’t try the fried rice though, note I was too full to be true.

The restaurant also offer different types of drinks! There is one thing that you need to try;


The special recipe juice! Well firstly I’m sorry, I can’t recall what’s the name of it since I was offered and I quickly agreed because of thirst. Then the juice came and I swear to god this is the best fusion of fruits blended together! All I can remember is that it consists of apple juice and pieces of cantaloupe famous in Indonesia for a Ramadhan drink called Es Blewah.

Finishing all of my food it will not be perfect without ice cream!

There’s this bar full of ice cream and sweet dessert where a waitress would serve you, and the best of all is that you can pick whatever ice cream and whatever topping you want! By whatever I mean you can try all the toppings and ice cream flavours if you want to.


I picked blueberry and cookies and cream along with peach and lychee. It was really awesome I swear! I never have thought blueberry will go with the cookies flavour even with peach or lychee! You gotta experiment here.

Other than ice cream they serve so many desserts (too many for me to try), they even served this fruit sushi which we ended up playing rock paper scissor to dare the person to try one. Let’s just say rice, seaweed, and dragonfruit is not the best combination there is.


After eating the entire family chats for a bonding time. The restaurant has a big space for a big family to hang out and for kids to run around! Just then I realized one of my mother’s friend eating something like a kwetiau I asked what it is and she said she requested for udon to be cooked like kwetiau!

Because we serve ourselves I picked the ingredients myself too; udon, kailan, shimeji mushroom, and egg. The rest, you hand it to the chef! It was magnificent.


Overall I wasn’t surprised this restaurant is now my favorite Japanese restaurant! I would love to comeback and try the foods I haven’t tried.

Over 1000 stars I would give Edogin 990 stars.


Cheers from the ladies (plus two boys) of the crew!



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