120 Hours to Glory Day, Ponorogo – EAST JAVA

Mudik or known as Pulang Kampung to me and my family is a mandatory thing to do annually. Mudik is a term for people aka migrants to return to our hometown or village during major holiday, usuallyon Lebaran (Eid al-Fitr).

Mudik itself is typically done by using car to travel for 3 hours to 1 night depending on the hometown.

In my case my mother was from Ponorogo a city in the East Java province, known as the city of Reog. When I was younger and the road was less hectic, we used to travel using our old Avanza with bags of clothes in the back of our car for 16 hours.

But time passed and people grow, the scenery we passed turned into constant stopping from traffic jams even in the outskirts of the city.

Today at 5 AM my family and I departed from Soekarno Hatta Airport to Adi Soemarmo Airport. The flight took 58 minutes which I spent well by sleeping! Oh trust me having to depart from home at 3 AM really kept me awake, instead of sleeping I roasted S’mores in the middle of the night while watching American Horror Story (Any Evan Peters fan here? 😍).

Arriving in Solo by Garuda Indonesia, we headed to my favorite street vendor; Soto Gading!

The soto costs about Rp. 7000-8000 a bowl, best served with Javanese tea. The tea is sort of bland and bitter for my taste but it’s just the way it is! The waitress said it is good for our stomach since we have just arrived from far away, he was really nice!

The side dishes varies from tempe to egg satay. This is egg rolls and cow paru satay known as a part of jeroean or innards, I didn’t try it but my aunt really loves the satay! 

There are two areas divided by the “kitchen” or some sort of. The vendor itself is not so big so it gets crowded easily. But more customer more money right? Just fit into those long benches and eat in around strangers, it’s more fun that way.

3 and a half hour I spent travelling from Solo to the city of Ponorogo, 5 days into Eid al-Fitr the road was kind of crowded with cars and bus. But either way I enjoyed the ride and arrived at my home safely!

Cheers to Mudik jams and crowded streets. Happy holiday!

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