Eid al-Fitr 2016, Pulung – Ponorogo

Ketupat and opor, satay and lontong, visiting neighbor homes and pink fish shaped crackers!

Happy eid al-fitr to you guys who are celebrating!✨

I traveled a looooong way to the Pulung village where my grandmas’ home is. The countryside is more beautiful here as I passed hills of white paperbark and rice paddies for 45 minutes!

Actually I passed my old kindergaten on the way and remembered picking cherries known as kersen fruits each evening after school. Throwback much huh?

I spent the day trying all sorts of foods and snacks my grandma has prepared for us. When I was 4 or 5 years old my grandma used to cook for me everyday. 

No not apple pies or green bean casseroles. But rice, sambal, salted fish, and sayur lodeh! The best part is? We ate using teak leaves as plates. For what purpose I don’t know but I missed those moments and to be honest it was so delicious!😭

At the end of the day we bought bakso from the city and went back home. We were so tired and the sun is setting down, unlocking the gates of my house I smelled an unfamiliar scent of something burning. 

I faced my mom while scrunching my face like I’m holding in a bowl, “Do you smell that?” and I laughed when my cousins and mom made the same face as I do. 

So one thing that came accross our mind is something burning in the kitchen. My mother is in denial because we checked everything before leaving but I was hell curious! I went inside the house through one of the windows and checked the kitchen, guess what? My aunt forgot to turn off the stove while cooking duck! 

I shouldn’t be taking pics since my mom looked like she was going to slap her own face, but I was laughing my ass off. The duck is completely dry for god’s sake and the kitchen is filled with smoke! Well then, we wont be able to eat duck for dinner. Bye bye duck!

It’s really something to end the special day. But I have to drive back to Solo and catch my flight tomorrow. I wish days like this could be a little bit longer.

Cheers from the family and burning duck!

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