D-Day Packing, Jakarta – Indonesia

(Credits to owner)

Clothes clothes clothes, that’s probably the first thing I’m thinking of when I’m planning to travel.

Travelling had been one of my favorite things to do during holidays. But even after coming in and out of a country for times already, I still find myself dumbfounded sitting in front of my empty luggage!

So I have this idea to make a collage of clothes just 6 hours before my flight! Here I chose 20 mandatory items that are super cute and simple.

Looking at the sets of clothes I easily plan which clothes to match with which. You can make your own set too! All you need to do is open the web you probably have visited numerous times: polyvore.com and venture all of your creative ideas.

Since it’s summer in Japan I picked pale colored clothings, it doesn’t matter if you have different colored clothing than the ones in your set. Means more creative brain exercise right?🤔

I’m soo excited to spend another week in Japan and now I need to catch my 7 long hours flight! Also this is the first post on my 9 days trip, I’m going to blog from the very beginning to the last day so stay tuned!

Cheers to holidays✈️

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