Day 1, Hakodate – Japan

One thing that I hate the most about flight is sleep. It seemed like the seats hated me to the guts and the change in height is even worse! Well, unless you’re in the first class I guess.

The flight I’m taking is the last one to depart from Soetta to Haneda Airport and voila sadly I need to sleep in the plane.

Before boarding I visited my favorite café in Soetta, Old Town White Coffee.

We all ate Nasi Lemak for around Rp. 55.000 and I had a banana smoothie, caught brain freeze for a bit there… 😱

And that lady is Aunt Julia, one of my moms’ friend and she’s acting all shy saying she won’t take the picture! Too bad she’s going to be around for a while in this blog.

We board on the airplane on 23.30 PM and it’s time for uncomfortable sleep!

2 hours prior the landing we were served breakfast, I chose the Japanese set with soba, teriyaki I think, and my favorite drink yakult!

Then I watched Kung Fu Panda👊🏼

Arriving in Japan I was notified by my tour guide that I can’t bring my luggage into Shinkansen. So before going to the station I brought my luggage to the delivery service. Note that you can’t have electronic devices such as laptop inside your luggage, and my luggage will arrive around 8 pm tomorrow.

Oh did I mention the singing toilet where they make sounds when you take a bowl?  I love Japan’s toilet😂

Of course travelling isn’t complete without money! Don’t worry for you guys who didn’t bring cash, you can use the ATM near the exit to change your currency. It’s really easy to use, there’s an English guide in it so don’t worry.

Before I go to the station it’s not nice to not have a good group photo😘

I headed straight to Tokyo JR Station, and I need to tell you this. It’s really really crowded inside and I saw a lot of foreigners. Maybe since it’s the beginning of summer?

You can buy your ticket in the machines, though my tour guides (Edy and Khris) booked online so I didn’t really know how to use it, but here’s the pic!

I will be taking Hayabusa 19 to Hakodate which was launched in April 2016.

My seat is located waaay up to the front and before getting into the train we actually had to line up in these two lines.

The thing I find interesting though is when the trains’ worker finish their work like cleaning or vacuuming, they will get out of the train, line up and then bow to us. It’s kind of cool that they do that!

The family’s off to Hakodate for 3 long hours!🚅

We had a wagyu bento for lunch and it was reallyyy delicious!😛

Arriving in the station we were led outside. I’m surprised to see grey instead of blue skies. Turned out the summer here was supposed to be colder than the cities like Tokyo. I’m starting to doubt the clothes I bring…😱

The first thing we visited was Goryokaku Fort! We went up the tower to sight view the infamous star shaped fort. Oh and there’s this hole where you can see below the tower too.

I was really hungry so I went down to buy some snacks! This is my “How to Order Food 101: Japan”.

1. すみません。

I swear “sumimasen” is the most essential word to know before “arigatou gozaimasu”, because if the cashier is doing something and you want to check out you need to say this word to get their attention.

2. これは一つください。

If you don’t know how to pronounce the name, just point at the menu / food and say “Kore wa hitotsu (1) kudasai” the list of number goes on to futatsu, mitsu, yotsu etc.

If you want to order 2 types of food at once use “to” for example:

“Kohi wo hitotsu to karee wo futatsu kudasai” you can also end your order with onegaishimasu instead of kudasai.

3. お茶はありますか。

If you want to ask if there’s this or that, ask using “… wa arimasuka?” for example “bejiterian menyuu wa arimasuka?”

4. はい、ありがとうございます。

After ordering don’t forget to say thanks and that’s it!

Actually there’s this funny story today, and I regret doing this😂 So I was on a rooftop of a mountain where we catch this cable car to go up.

I was eating this fruit stick! Which I bought for 350 ¥ and it was so delicious. When I was taking photo of my cousin while eating the fruit stick, my cousin freaking yelled and something scratched my back.

It was a freaking CROW. It was really huge and I swear it was glaring at my fruit stick! I was really terrified and hid behind my cousin but the crow kept on CHASING ME.

So I ran as fast as I could to throw the fruit away and the crow kept chasing me ahdjajshjs😱 It stopped when I threw the fruit stick away, oh geez I haven’t ate the melon and pineapple yet😭 I swear I’m not messing around with crows anymore!

I. hate. crows.

Anyways after my family laughed their ass off we headed down the mountain and we headed to Shikabe Royal Hotel in Kayabe-gun.

Oh and if you happen to want to sleep in Shikabe Royal Hotel with your fam in the twin bedroom do not believe that the room is only for 2 people max.

This is the sandals they serve for us, there’s a pair of yukata too!

That’s my cousin aka Mega👭

To the left there’s this huge bathroom divided by 3 parts. The toilet, the washbin, and the shower / bathroom.

Awesome toilet as usual!!

The master bedroom has it’s own livingroom and traditional livingroom which I turned into a sleepover area. But if you desire to sleep in an actual bed there’s this spring bed for you.

Oh and remember Doraemon’s bedroom? Where he sleeps in this closet I think, we decided to parody him!

Also there’s this public onsen if you want to relax, but sadly cameras aren’t prohibited there so I can’t take any picture.

What a first day huh? Well it’s about time to catch some sleep because I haven’t slept in the airport. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Cheers to being chased by crows🐦

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