Day 2, Noboribetsu – Japan

Good morning from the hills behind my hotel!

I woke up at 5 AM today, and I thought it was going to be dark like Jakarta at dawn but the sun has risen up!🌞

After taking a cold shower I went outside with my cousins—oh did I mention I made some new friends with some Japanese ladies in the onsen?

We couldn’t stand the hot water! I swear it was absolutely hot, so they helped us trying to get used to the onsen and introduced some terms to us. They were really nice☺️

Before having breakfast we took a walk around the neighborhood, it was really cold + windy and I was just using a t-shirt. 

So if you want to go to Hokkaido during summer please bring a lot of outerwears!

We wanted to take some pictures in the tennis court but it was locked! So we took some pics around random buildings😁

Also since it’s Hokkaido you wouldn’t see lots of people here like Tokyo and the streets are not crowded. Supermarkets like Seven Eleven or Lawson is kind of far from some hotels too, and usually the hotels are surrounded by hills and forest.

Quickly heading back to the hotel we had some seafood for breakfast! It was really delicious and I loove the pineapple.

Note that some hotels use tray and after you eat, you have to put the tray to a shelf before they clean it.

Then we head to Noboribetsu, it was a loooong ride like 1 and a half hour I think? Then we stopped at Lake Toya to take some pics. It’s sad that the sky is upset yet again, even though it’s Summer.

Then when we took a group photo it’s starting to rain really bad so I ran straight to the bus before water gets into my camera!☔️

That’s Uncle Hendro, Aunt Julia’s husband. He really loves to take pics of us and our group chat is full of him sending pictures📸

After taking a break we headed to the Bear Ranch🐻 That’s my dad! 

The ticket to go inside costs 850¥ for 1 adult and 500¥ for 1 child and let me tell you, when I came there’s like 3 tours + mine. It was hell crowded.

Also the bears here LOVES biscuit. They cost for either 300¥ or 100¥ but I’d rather buy the smaller one🍪 You can buy it in the ticket area but there’s this vending machine inside where you can buy it too.

The bears are super duper cute! If they saw a tourist with biscuits they would stand up and wave their hands. 

Some bears are caged so we have to exercise our throwing skills!

Around the corner there’s this stairs that leads you downstairs and get up close + personal with the bears😅 You can throw the cookies in these holes so the bear can eat from the other side.

It was really fun an after that I went outside and bought some souveniers for my friends. Edy reccomends me to buy the horse shampoo because it’s really popular here. They also have handcreams and hair tonic.

Also there’s this fuit stand where they sell absolutely fresh fruits, and it’s really cheap to tell you.

The famous one here is Hokkaido melon which they have divided already so we can enjoy it while walking around! It was really sweet and savory.

Remember lads “Melon wa hitotsu kudasai”👍🏻

We took some pics before heading to the next place. 

The next place I’m telling you is super duper cool! It’s Noribetsu Ninja Village. To enter you need to buy a ticket pass and don’t lose it.

The thing that interest me first was this yukata / ninja outfit rental place. My brother and cousin actually rented a ninja outfit for 1050¥! They look really cool😍

Took some pics with ninja actors!

There are various shows you can enjoy here too, even though you don’t really know Japanese they’re really funny and they have this guide where you can read the show story in English, Indonesian, or Mandarin.

Upon entering you will be given a piece of paper. This is actually for wrapping coins, and at the end if the show you can throw them towards the actors.

The first show I call “Ninja Theatre” started and the gramps was really funny!

Now moving on to the highlight of the day, so in one of the shows I call “Looks Like Geisha but not Geisha” the actors would ask a person to play as a rich man. And Uncle Hendro volunteered! He looks so happy and I laughed the loudest amongst the theatre.

So the lights dimmed out and we waited for the show to play. When the curtains parted Uncle Hendro was wearing this expensive looking kimono for man a think? And he was so cool while fanning himself😂

Nice flute you got there Uncle Hendro!

He got to read dialogues he probably didn’t understand and the best of all? He said it was when the lady in green kimono gave him a cup of sake!🍵

After the show ended we headed to the last show, it was about samurai and the actors are exceptionally good at stunts this time, plus it was outdoor.

Since the sun is starting to show and the day became hotter, I decided to treat myself with my fave food: ice and sweets. I bought this strawberry shaved ice for 300¥🍧

Oh and in the ninja village you can find random goats and cute bunnies! The bunnies kind of smell though..

The last place we’re visiting is Hell Valley, and this weird monsters are kind of their mascot but I didn’t take their picture since it’s scary. Maybe tomorrow!

The first thing we thought when we arrived was it smells. Bad. 

At first we pointed each other on who actually farts in the bus, but then when we got out it was absolutely, smelly. So we decided the mountain was the one who farted⛰

We had to walk a loong way down to reach this hot water hole / geyser. I didn’t really know what the word is but it’s reaaally hot down here.

Our hotel is near the mountain so we walked there. It was called Takimotokan Hotel and it was kind of hard to to book a room here since it’s popular with the onsen that has a mountain view!

Since I’m not a huge room fan, I actually prefer this traditional kind of room than the modern one like before.

So this is shoe area, and to the left is a really small bathroom. I prefer to take shower in the onsen since they have this awesome horse shampoo and other bathing supplies. It smells really good!

The room is like a simple square living room where you need to move the table before rolling the tatamis out. 

The view from my room!

Before ending the day with yet another onsen bonding time, we head to the nearest Seven Eleven and I bought some snacks! 

No sight seeing is complete without ice cream, this is vanilla ice cream with the infamous Hokkaido honey. 

I ordered the one with maple honey for 400¥ and we headed back to our hotel to have dinner.

The dinner buffet here was delicious! I’m not even faking this, especially the hokkaido snow crabs. You should also try the Japanese steak!

After having a pleasant dinner we headed to the onsen. It was waay bigger from yesterday to tell you that. And if you need relaxation or a simple shower, you can absolutely take one there.
The onsen outside has a really good view🏞 And the water is exceptionally hotter than the ines inside.

There you go the whole Day-2, I might need to edit this blog but I’m really sleepy. So byes!

Cheers to more onsen.

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