Day 3, Asahikawa – Japan


Hello guys! That’s the monster I promised to take a pic of, it’s the mascot of Hell Valley and they vary from colors and sizes!

Today is our 3rd day in Hokkaido, and to start the day we headed towards the onsen first, turned out it was waaay bigger and better supplied than the last one. No wonder the hotel’s really popular.

So me and Mega walked around the hotel as usual, while my two cousins is kind of dead (tired) under their blankets.

Since the weather’s kind of cool we visited the shrine nearby, there’s no one except us though Khris said there’s everyone except us😰

Camera-on-ground pic!

A park was nearby too so we took some pics, meet baby satan!

Oh yeah our baggage haven’t arrived yet, so some some of us recycled our looks. Perks of being away from luggage.

The neighborhood around was super nice and we took a walk around the alleys. One of the things that I love the most about Japan is their super duper cute houses.

You gotta agree they took a good care of their houses looks. Because this cute green wall is actually a toilet to a house.

Next up is breakfast!

I seriously wish to eat more breakfast! It’s my favorite meal of the day❤️

Right after breakfast we headed to the first stop Asahikawa zoo for 3 hours! But we stopped after 2 hours of sitting. I bought an ice cream for 380¥.

The one I bought is strawberry with little biscuits in them, while my cousin bought the chocolate one. The shop also sells a lot snacks like takoyaki and sweet corns.

After taking a break we continued our journey to the zoo for an hour.

Selfie time with sleeping gramps and nana!

So before actually going to the zoo we decided to eat halal ramen, Khris told us to slurp our noodles but I honestly can’t! It gets onto all over my face😀

So these shops are all ramen restaurants, the one I’m eating in is the orange one but I forgot to ask its name.

I think that paper spells Zaru Ramen but I’m not sure! Anyways I bought Salt Ramen for 720¥ and we get to try salt and soyu ramen because it doesn’t contain pork.

But if you want to try halal ramen with various menus there’s a restaurant in Shibuya called Halal Ramen Ouka.

You can also buy side dishes like this 400¥ gyoza for 5 pieces.

That’s my ramen served with scallops and half boiled egg❤️ (actually I can’t eat boiled eggs so I gave it to my cousin)

Anyways after eating we hit the road again! Welcome to the zoo🐼🐵🐯

The ticket to go inside costs 820¥ for adult, you can either buy it on the cashier or ticket machine. The complete price is below.

I am personally a fan of The Return of Superman, anyone?

My fave are the Lee twins!! So, if you saw the older episodes of the show you would know that Sarang visited a zoo with her dad in Hokkaido and she watched marching penguins there.

This is actually the zoo she visited, but since it’s summer there’s no penguin show sadly🐧

The vending machines here are really cute too! It varies for each one, this one is a hippo.

Near the exit is one of the coolest animals ever, wolves! Did you guys watched the Jungle Book already? I think I saw Raksha and Akela there.

Upon exiting we took some pics around!

That’s my lil bro Hafiz👦🏻

After going to the zoo we headed to our last stop, Ginga and Ryusei Waterfall! It was absolutely cold here, you might want to bring an outerwear.

So I learned a new camera technique I call “smooth water” from Khris guys, here is the outcome.

So if you want to make the water look smooth like that all you need to do is turn the “F” higher (maybe around 7 or 8) and you’ll see the result yourself!

So our hotel is just 5 minutes from the waterfall. It’s called Taisetsu Hotel. It’s kind of up in the mountain and there’s nothing around the neighbor.

But again it’s a traditional Japanese room! I love it❤️

Like the last hotel this room is like a livingroom that can be turned into a bedroom! To the left is a small bathroom and tatami shelf.

Aaand this is the living room + view!

Before going to the onsen we had kaisen obanyaki for dinner!

Cheers from penguins and wolves!

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