Day 4, Furano – Japan

Good morning Sankyou!⛰

I think my complaints have been heard guys, today was exceptionally sunny! Maybe since we’re heading to the center of the city, Furano.

Today is kind of special for my aunt Rani. First of first she LOVES flowers. I mean, she has a lot of orchids in her house and she even takes class of treating orchids.

So, everytime she sees a bed of flowers or something that relates to nature she wouldn’t be shy to just freaking lay down and take a pic!

After waking up I immediately took a shower, I didn’t even go to the onsen again because of exceeding drowsiness😴

We had rice and miso for breakfast, nothing too special and we quickly headed to Furano!

The ride took 2 long hours! All I did was sleeping and watching Seventeen’s dance practices (I’m obsessed with them especially Woozi now😍)

In the middle of the ride Khris told us to go down on these hills that were used to plant vegetables. I’m like what’s so special about hills and vegetables? 🌽

But then I was greeted with these glorious rice paddies.

It was absolutely cool especially if you see it by your two own eyes. It’s kind of awesome how paddies could even be made as a tourist attraction.

After taking pics we headed to the next stop where we bought cherries! I love the cherries here since they’re sweet not tangy.

All you need is 300¥ for a box of delicious cherries!

So then we headed to Biei Farm which is known for the rolling hills of colorful flowers. Sadly I think I’m too early coming here, because some of the flowers are still growing.

But it was still pretty!

Stunning right?😍🌺

There are so many kinds of flowers here, I mean too many that I couldn’t remember. But my favorite ones are rhe purple bell flowers!

We hired a truck to take us around. Yes, literaly a truck dragging 2 carriages of seats.

To enjoy this all you need is 200¥, if you travel in groups it will be waaay cheaper. Oh I didn’t mention about the ticket to enter the farm right?

It’s because the farm is free to visit, but you can put money in this donation box!

They also have an alpaca farm, I wanted to see them but we don’t have enough time! I’ll list the price below to see them though.

Also this is the list of ride prices, varying from ATV to golf cars.

There are shops here where you can buy melons and other snacks! Also there’s lavender flavored ice cream but it’s better in the next place I’m going to visit.

Before going to the next place we visited a famous place to eat meat called;

So we had sooooo many interesting choices here (Khris said there’s even bear meat) but I decided to order deer meat. Because bears are too adorable to eat.

The family sat around while waiting for the food, while me and my brother downloaded Pokemon Go😁

Behole, grilled deer meat😍 it was absolutely delicious and tender. The meat also tastes like cow meat but thinner and I don’t know how to say it in English, alot in Indonesian. You guys can tell me what it’s called in English! Haha

So this is the restaurant from the front.

After finishing our food (and wait for my dad to finish his 2nd deer plate) we headed to our highlight of the day, Tomika Farm! I think Mr. Tomika really loves lavender because all I see here are hills of lavender and products of lavender.

Pretty righttt😍😍 Even the scooters are painted purple!

There are 2 main things to try and see here. One is the infamous lavender wall!

You need to pass an actual road to take a photo there, and it was absolutely breathtaking.

Two is the super duper crowded lavender ice cream vendor! It costs for 300¥ to buy an ice cream with a cone, and 250¥ to buy one with a cup. I suggest the cup if you don’t want ice cream to dirty your hands, but it doesn’t hurt to have purple liquids between your fingers for a good photo!

Also since I’m in a flu right now, probably after eating too many ice cream a day I tried to limit my ice cream obsession🙁

This is the process of making lavender perfume. It’s ironic how in 2nd elementary grade I wanted to own a perfume company, and even buying tons of flower essence😂

After buying tons of soap and bathing supplies we headed to our last stop. A delicious cheese factory! It’s really cool here, you can sit around umder the trees and eat cheese flavored ice cream. I didn’t try it though😷

We can see the process of making cheese here, but what interests me the most is eating them!

I bought this cheese flavored milk for 124¥.

Also you gotta try this cheese cakes! It’s sad how I can’t bring their snacks back home because the expiring date are all short.

Last stop is my hotel! Sasai Hotel🏢 It’s sad how this is our last traditional styled hotel. Because they don’t have onsen in the modern ones.

As usual it’s a small living room that you can turn into a bedroom!

It’s less decorated than the last ones though. So to the left is a little bathroom with a mini bath tub.

Heading in is the living room and tatami shelf.

And this is the night view since I always updated the morning view🌌

Alright I’m going to the onsen right now! I hope you have a great day as I am, so excited for tomorrow!

Cheers to stunning flower hills and flu💐

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