Day 5, Otaru – Japan

Bus welfie time!

Hello guys! Today is yet a special day for someone. But I’ll tell you just a little bit later😉

The first thing we did after breakfast was hitting the road (not literally punching it). We headed to Otaru the city known for its European styled city for 3 hours!

The sky seemed upset this morning, though when I arrived in Otaru it was starting to get sunny!

So the first thing we visited was Ishiya Chocolate Factory. I’m really in love with this ‘factory’ because it looked like freaking Disney Land!

Yup that polar bear is struggling not to break the whole roof of the factory, and those gigantic men are climbing the freaking wall just alright.

Now this factory is super duper known for it’s photo spots and chocolate museum.

We took a tour around the museum first, the ticket to go inside costs 600¥ for each person. Upon entering you will be given a ‘passport’ and a sample of their famous sandwich biscuit!

It’s awesome because other than being a beautiful place they provide educational place for people to learn new things.

Now this museum really loves collecting antique things. Varying from tea cups to astro boy statute.

You can also see a lot of pretty figures made by sweets🍭

It’s really wonderful how they adapted European style for the factory, because I wouldn’t mind working here as a staff!

After sight seeing you can head downstairs and enjoy shopping various chocolates and candies! Oh did I mention they have this random Monalisa stature near one of the tables?

It’s a pity that I thought I took a picture of it but it was gone from my memory card. Maybe Monalisa doesn’t want her pic to be taken….?😀

I bought a strawberry cake for around 400¥ and there are various flavours you can choose!

Time for photoshoot📸.

Such a pretty place to be right?😍 Oh, they have this cool apple tree with fences. Now the apple aren’t that special but the security is!

There are 5 different holes under the apple tree, and if you happen to touch or hold a part of the tree one of these 5 characters will come out and say “Please do not touch!” in different languages and accents! There’s a siren too, so if you touch the fruit for example the siren would go on.

So after a long session of photography we headed to our next stop, Otaru shopping district. But first we had lunch! It was really delicious and I ordered this bowl of meat with rice under.

We had delicious side dishes too!

If you’re where this restaurant is, this restaurant is located in the Otaru shopping district. This is the front pic.

So after eating I was curious why Edy would position his camera on top of a table and angled towards us.

I mean he’s usually like “Everyone look over here!” or “Let’s take a picture!” but this time he seemed to be too quiet and Khris was also gone.

Suddenly my dad sang Happy Birthday and Khris came out with a cake!

Happy birthday aunt Julia!🍰

Aww having a birthday celebrated overseas is one of my bucket lists, but she did it first! We all had strawberry cream cake for dessert and it was delicious😍

They’re goals right? Oh I love these two so much.

After paying we headed to the shopping district, and it was really relaxing to walk in windy but sunny day. We also visited a famous canal here, called the Otaru Canal.

When I was taking pictures I saw this man standing with his eyes focused on a sketch book. So I approached him, turned out he was selling his own drawings of the canal! My dad and I decided to buy one with a frame for 2500¥, you can buy the copy for 100¥.

So we walked around for a while and tried some interesting things! We tried the raw seafood here and it was aaaabsolutely delicious.

We also bought melons and matcha mochis!

Before going to the hotel we visited our last stop, Domito Music Box Museum. If you want to give a gift to someone wth a beautiful meaning to it, this is one of the best ones!

I actually bought a simple one with Ikimono Gatari’s Yell. It’s really relaxing😍

On our way to the hotel we passed a few interesting things. Including a typo sign and an European styled clothing rental place.

Stacked ice cream is really popular here too! So I bought the 7 stacked one for 550¥.

Because we’re really tired we quickly headed to the hotel called Grand Park Hotel. Unlike the past hotels we’ve stayed in this hotel is kind of modern, and they had Aeon below the hotel too!

This is the bedroom, like any normal hotel they rented us 2 twin beds (with such little pillow).

To the left is a moderate toilet.

And this is the beautiful sea side view!

So before the mall closes we visited the mall and ate udon, my fave Japanese dish!

It was really delicious and the best part about malls? Cheap clothing and shoes!

H e a v e n on earth!

So after spending our money we headed for our room. Actually my cousins were almost locked out of the hotel because the shortcut to the mall is closed at 9 PM.

I should get rest now, no onsen for tomorrow but the seaside is tempting to visit🌅

Cheers to aunt Julia’s birthday🎂

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