Day 6, Sapporo – Japan

[Hey guys, I want to apologize for the late post.

Last night wordpress jammed suddenly and I was nearly done with my post. So, my WHOLE post was deleted and I need to catch a flight today to Tokyo. I will try to update 2 posts today as I catch up the missing post from yesterday, I am really sorry.]


The hotel’s menu for breakfast really varies! Maybe because there are a lot of international foreigners here than Japanese.

After having breakfast we headed to Sapporo for 45 minutes! It really doesn’t feel long because the scenery is really beautiful. The first thing we visited is Jyogai Ichiba Fish Market😘

When I came here I regret wearing sleeveless shirt. Because the wind was trying to blow my hat off!😡

Walking around the market doesn’t smell fishy at all and we ate the melon here (again).

Walking around a fish market is not complete without eating fish (duh). So we tried sooo many seafood and the price is really cheap since it was very fresh and tasty!

We also bought prawn and it’s still alive😨

We ordered it grilled. But you can order the seafood raw (like sashimi). Inside the store actually is a restaurant, I find it interesting that they’re using the space they have in their shop so well.

I ate salmon, meguro, and scallops. You can order how many slices you want for the sashimi.

Now my family doesn’t really like raw fish. They despise it except me and they sat down only waiting for me and uncle Hendro eating!

But either way it was delicious and we paid for the bill before taking a walk around again. When I came out it’s starting to get sunny! I didn’t chose the wrong clothes then😁

That is Hokkaido’s king crab. They cost 2000¥ each.

Ending our walk we went to the parking lot to go to the next place. Asahi Beer Museum!

It’s sad because we can’t take any pictures in the museum, maybe it was because their ‘secret process’ of making the beer. But we were allowed to when trying their products! I didn’t tryy, of course. One I hate beers, and two I’m underage.

After taking pics we haded to eat our lunch! It was a yakiniku restaurant located near the Odori Park.

They serve beef, chicken, and lamb. Also if you want to order more dishes you can ask the waitress. We ordered vegetables and seafood for extra🐠🐟

The interesting part is we were provided this cooking apron so oil won’t stain our clothes!

After paying we walked our way to take a stroll in Odori Park. It’s a really cool and perfect place to held picnic. Usually during summer there are lots of festivals going on here.

Today they held a beer garden and jazz concert❤️🎶

Near Odori Park there are a lot places you can visit, one of them is the old goverment building that they turn into a park (though there are still people who work inside).

Pretty right😍 so we were fooling around when we saw a huuuge koi fish and suddenly my dad picked my cousin up and acted that he caught the fish.

It was really funny! Don’t worry Dito is fine, just a little bit off after that😉

There’s also a flower garden near the clock tower we’re going to visit. It’s really nice to take a pic here!

So after a while we headed to Susukino Shopping District. If if you love UFO catcher there are lots of stores that provide them here.

There’s no shopping district complete without fashion! I bought sooo many clothes here👗

After shopping we gathered at 5 PM and headed to our hotel, Royton Hotel. It’s really modern here and I love the view from my room.

To the left is the bathroom!

And this my view, that mountain is called Okura Mountain. It’s used for sky jumping competition.

Before resting we ate outside in an ikizaya restaurant.

We ordered soo many dishes like salmon and ebi.

We also ordered these satay!🍢

So that’s all!

Before sleeping though I rummaged through my fave new tops and tried to mix and match my new clothes.

Can you guys tell me which one is your fave?😘👍🏻

Please tell me in the comments or inbox!❤️

Cheers to shopping!

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