Day 7, Tokyo – Japan

Hello guys!🌅 Today I probably had one of the best breakfast ever! Especially they served banana and strawberry smoothie which is my fave combination.

Today I’m going to catch flight from Sapporo to Tokyo! It’s going to be a one hour flight and I use Japan Airlines to go there.

Before boarding we shopped snacks and souvenirs! I also played a pokemon gacha and got pikachu😍

So I actually upgraded my grade to J class, but I was surprised they don’t have TV even in J class. Maybe it’s a different plane from international ones…

When I arrived it was RAINING like really hard☔️ so all of ud needed to wear raincoats to the parking lot.

After arriving we planned to go to Odaiba, but first lunch! We were so excited because there’s a famous Indonesian restaurant here so we decided to visit it.

I ordered soto and gado-gado (I’m really hungry as I’m writing this😭)

My mom also ordered so any things, but she gobbled it up before I took pic😜

Now Odaiba especially Diver City is my favorite shopping area, more than Harajuku or Shimokitazawa. Why? Because the shopping area is in one place, you don’t have to go to different blocks just to look for a certain brand.

And these are my two favorite shops in Diver City!

Village Vanguard is a cramped shop, like super duper cramped. But it sells so many antique things for cheap price. You can also buy different anime merchandises here.

While Tower Mini is a smaller version of Tower Records. Because hell Tower Records is really big in Shibuya I had a hard time looking for my favorite K-POP bands!

My two fave bands are here! I’m trying not to squeal in the shop like I’m a mad fangirl taking pics of albums.

I ended up buying 6 different albums and headed to my fave shoe shop in Japan; ABC Mart.

We ended up buying sooo many things! Even Putri (my cousin) bought like 4 different shoes because she said they don’t have cool shoes in Bali.

After shopping we headed to the hotel! It’s called Keio Plaza Hotel and it is one of the favorites in the Shinjuku area.

This is our room + bathroom, and below is the city view!

We wanted to eat outside instead of in the hotel. So we walked around to find good restaurant.

Remembering it’s Friday night the restaurants are heeeeeella crowded. If you hate loud drunk people and the reek of sake I suggest you don’t eat outside on this particular night but it’s fun really to experience it.

We ended up in this restaurant.

It’s located below the building and the decor is really nice.

After finishing I actually found this poster near the cashier. Is that blonde guy Seungri?

After that we went to the hotel and packed up! Tomorrow is a big day for me… I can’t wait!

Cheers to MORE shopping😘

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