Day 8, Sendai – Japan

Hi guys, today is a big day for me🌄 Yes it’s finally my turn to be the special someone!

Before I start blogging though, I want to say stay safe to all of my readers. With all things that occurs in the world right now, please stay safe.

Today I’m visiting my high school in Japan, Sendai Ikuei Gakuen in Miyagi prefecture. This one day though I’m only visiting this school before going back to Tokyo, and I can’t really take many pictures because of some reasons😥

Before catching our shinkansen at 8.56 AM we had breakfast. The thing about trains or shinkansen here, if you want to take the 8.56 AM train do not take the 8.55 AM or be a minute late, because if the schedule said the train will arrive in 8.56 then it’s 8.56.

Arriving at the JR Station we headed towards the train area, I saw this cool two deckered train! I really want to try it🚅

The ride to Sendai took 2 long hours and even though I slept for the whole ride it felt like a reeeeeally long journey.

When I arrived it was pretty cloudy so we quickly headed to our bus and drive to my school.

Sendai Ikuei Gakuen was founded by Rikichi Katoh in 1905. That means 100 + more years right? Even it was there before WW II ended! 🌏

The school is really known for their baseball club. The junior high ranked 1st throughout Japan and the senior high ranked 2nd last year. I saw them practicing, and let’s just say no wonder they’re ranked that far in Japan.

There are two buildings here, the picture above is the Miyagi campus. I didn’t take a pic of the Tagajo campus but it was way bigger than Miyagi.

I got to know a few students on the way and they’re all really nice😁 Also there are lots of international students like me too!

I’m going to join the international class for 6 months prior to joining the regular class though. Ending the 3 hour tour  we bid goodbyes to the teacher and I can’t wait until October to start my studies👍🏻

We headed to Sendai Station once we’re done and we took another shinkansen to Tokyo. For you guys who are curious how much a shinkansen ticket costs, Khris bought the economy class in the 18th for 10.080¥.

Though I don’t know how much the others are, but the price is for Sendai to Tokyo.

After 2 long hours first thing I thought was I am really hungry. So we headed to a famous restaurant near my hotel called Watami.

We ordered so many side dishes and my fave is salmon sashimi❤️ we sat around a huge table and the restaurant is rather quiet than yesterday since it’s saturday!

My brother was kind of mad actually, because he haven’t bought any action figures. We were supposed to go to Akihabara for him but the time wasn’t enough! So we found an electronic shop that sells figures.

Japan is known for their ‘sexy’ figures right? Yeah, I see them everywhere.

They have gachas too!

After shopping we went back to our hotel to pack up. Tomorrow is going to be a sad day since I’m catching my flight to Jakarta at 11 AM😭

But I’ll be back in October!

Cheers to awesome school❤️


2 thoughts on “Day 8, Sendai – Japan

  1. C

    What did you do to get to study in japan? I really want to study there for uni but they only allow jlpt n2 and i have 0 knowledge in japanese 😦 any advice? I am in my first year of high school now.. thanks in advance 🙂

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  2. Hello there C! I would really appreciate it if you don’t put intials only for your comments☺️ As for my school you only need to pass JLPT N5 to enroll but we’re required to take N2 in second / third grade! Because you’re a first year I really reccomend you to study Japanese as much as you can (especially expanding your vocabulary) and take the JLPT N3 test. Some universities require you to join a language school before studying there, but if you’ve taken N3 then you only need to catch up some lessons before you reach N2!


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