Day 9, Jakarta – Indonesia

Hello guys😚 this is my last day in Japan and it’s been a huge thrill for me! I hope I could travel a lot more like this and I can’t wait to go to Japan again!


Today I’m catching my flight to Jakarta at 11 AM and I need to bid goodbyes to Khris. I woke up super early to pack up my things and get ready. One thing that seems alien-ish to me but maybe not to you is my new bus driver is a woman. I’ve seen a woman bus driver before but I have never had a woman to drive my bus! She’s really nice too😊


Before I boarded to the 141 gate I went to my favorite shop in Tokyo International Airport. They sell a lot of goods here from toys to food. I bought two if these for my friends’ mom! She collects hello kitty figures🐱

After buying lots of souvenirs we went to the 141 gate in time when they are boarding to the plane. Thank god it’s afternoon because I wouldn’t have to sleep!

Upon boarding I watched sooo many movies, probably the cartoon ones while the 3 of my cousins are crying their eyes out watching Indonesian romance movie We were given 2 choices of food which is Indonesian and Japanese. I was too hungry to be taking pic!😋 it was delicious though.

Every Indonesian knows the pain of waiting in baggage claim in Soetta. It always, always takes about 50 minutes to 1 hour if you’re not in business class.

So I have to wait for my family to take the baggage and be a baby sitter to my brother and cousin.

That’s all of my journey today actually. I know it’s not as exciting as the others. But this is the end of my first travel series;
I will continue to blog don’t worry😁 I just need to unpack my dirty clothes and take some rest first.

I hope you guys had a fun holiday like me and enjoyed reading through my posts!

My next trip to Japan? Well it’s going to be about school. I mean sometimes I would go out but I’m living in Sendai. I will be studying in Japan for 2 and a half years until I graduate high school. But then I will continue my study in Japan too.

So stay tuned for my next post guys!

Cheers to going back to reality☕️

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