A Paradise for Fox Lovers, Sendai – Japan

Have you ever seen a fox? Sure, but have you ever walked into a village of foxes?!

This my friends is Miyagi’s キツネ村 or Fox Village. Located in the mountains of Zao, you can read signs of ‘The World’s Only Fox Village’ while you drive up up to the village.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting anything when one of my teachers told me that there is a fox shrine in Miyagi prefecture. He showed me the pictures he took and I was like “hey, there’s no way you basically went into a village and hung out with foxes” 🦊 But guess what, I did it!

Personally, I’ve never seen a fox, and if I did its probably in a zoo and I forgot about it. Because it’s simply not impressive! Visiting a zoo and throwing foods at animals who are caged in certain places is a whole different experience than walking in their territory. You have no boundaries except some ropes and signs that honestly didn’t help at all.

Well to ease you up, don’t worry these foxes are actually so used to humans that they would walk pass you like you’re a random tree. The problem is that it is still a pretty scary experience!

I went to the fox village with my friends Amber, Jakob, and Jakob’s hostmom by a car. Heads up, you will find me mentioning their names so much in this blog!

Hours: 9 am – 6 pm

Admissions: 1000¥ for adults, free for 6th grade and younger children

It takes around 1 hour by car from Sendai. To those who doesn’t have car, you can take the taxi that will cost a little bit too much and you can tell the driver to pick up at certain times or to wait for you. If you’re ona budget you can take the Kyasurukun bus.

  • きゃするくん

You can only take this bus on Tuesday and Friday from Shiroishi station. This bus leaves at 7.58 am and arrives at the Kawaradogamu bus stop just outside the village at 8.55 am. Remember than you have to tell the driver that you want to go to Fox Village or he won’t stop. They only pick up passangers on 1.35 pm and will arrive in Shiroishi station on 2.32 pm.

Upon arriving you will enter the gate and into the receptionist. After paying, they will explain the rules that you need to follow in Japanese. If you can’t speak Japanese they will give you a paper of translation!

To be honest I reccomend you not to go around this time when the snow is melting. Because then you are left with the half frozen village with slippery slopes. Believe me when I say Jakob’s host mom fell once.

Now even though I mentioned that they roam freely in the village, there are actually some foxes that are caged for good. For example this cage of foxes that are deemed too fat for being a fox. Which I actually think silly and sad because they are sooo cute!

There is a small place where you can buy fox snacks for 100¥ a plastic and they will wait for you to drop some like good foxes!

Well, some actually fought because the snacks are so small that they need to play who can get it first to eat it.

Yup they did that.

So actually you can hold the foxes there and interact with them. Around March-July you can hug some fox babies and take pictures with them! It was such a shame we didn’t have the chance to.

After taking a tour around the village, we visited a small place where they have goats, rabbits, and ponies! You can also buy carrots for 100¥ a plastic but do not feed the ponies because they might bite your hand.

Then if you feel tired and want to end the day, you can eat ramen in their small longue with a cute fireplace or you can take a small tour around their merchandise shop! I bought lots of stuff like stickers and such because who knows when can I come back? 😢

Cute dolls for around 2000¥!

So after shopping, we decided to go grab lunch at a rest area 30 minutes away and we went to Jakob’s house. It was so nice to end the day with a little hang out for some tea, chocolate, and strawberries. They also have a grand piano which I tried to play! Sadly I forgot all the songs I learned…

It was such a good day to end, and I hope I can go to the fox village again!

Cheers to hanging out with friends and foxes💕


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