30 Minutes of Sweetness and Strawberries, Sendai – Japan

Strawberries are everywhere, you can easily buy a pack of strawberries for 400¥ in the nearest supermarket. My friend, Licy is a fan of strawberries. So I was thinking, isn’t strawberry picking a great plan to spend time with your family or friends?

But where can you go strawberry hunting in Sendai?

(Berry Very Labo sign beside the street)

Well I got your back folks! Yamamoto Ichigo or known as Berry Very Labo is a great place to spend your weekend eating strawberries🍓 Located in the Yamamoto city, you can access the farm through train, bus, or taxi.

Upon entering the farm, go ahead and enter the cafe where you can pay for the ticket. The price itself varies depending on when you visit, for those below 3 years old you’re not charged at all!

December 10th – January: 1800¥ for adults, 900¥ for 4-6 years old

February – May 7th: 1500¥ for adults, 700¥ for 4-6 years old

May 8th – June (Mid summer): 1300¥ for adults, 500¥ for 4-6 years old

Be careful, there are two cashiers in the cafe. One is for ordering food and the other is for paying tickets and souvenirs!

(Map of the farm)

The lovely lady will tell you which house is ready for strawberry picking. Also, all of the people who took care of the farm are so nice, they tried to explain everything to us in the easiest Japanese and I was so happy!

In Yamamoto Ichigo, you can’t actually pick strawberries and bring them home but instead you are given 30 minutes to roam freely around the greenhouse and eat as much as you can!

There are 8 in total and let me warn you before going there in fall or winter it is HOT inside. They have this rack in the middle of the rows to hang your coat too but it was scorching hot remembering that they need to keep the temperature warm inside the house.

So what’s after entering? Give your receipt to the lady who waits inside and she will tell you until what time you can eat the strawberries! The lady will give you this plastic plate with their milk product on one side so you can enjoy super fresh strawberries with a dip 🍓

I probably ended up eating around 50 strawberries because hey, eat as much as you can! For those who are skeptical on which strawberries to pick, go for the super red and huge ones!

Also, I found myself screaming here occasionally because BEES!

Tired? Well, you can visit the cafe after picking some strawberries and order curious foods such as strawberry cafe and pizza! Not to mention, the food served here are cheap so no worries.

We ended up ordering pancake, hamburger, and pizza which turned out to be a bit too overwhelming after eating strawberries😉

(Strawberry pizza)

If you want to buy souvenirs, they sell these cute strawberry things like keychains, pins, and dolls. You can also buy strawberry wines, jam, and chips! I personally recommend you to buy the condensed milk they have!

How To Access by Train?

Honestly, I had a hard time using google map. Sometimes the schedules are not precise. So if you can read hiragana and predict kanji like me, I recommend to download 乗換NAVITIME to find train schedules around Japan.

You can simply take a taxi from Sendai Station to the farm, but if y0u’re on a budget you can take the Joban Line from Sendai station. The line number for Joban is either 5 or 6 and is colored blue. It only cost around 580¥ one way!  It took me 15 minutes to wait for the train (because I missed one train by being confused) and just 40 minutes from Sendai station to Yamashita station. I have to say that there are a few farms here and there, but the one you’re looking for is 山元いちご and it takes around 15 minutes walk from the station.

Also, I am happy to announce that… I am going to watch One Ok Rock’s concert this Saturday! I am so excited as they are my favorite Japanese band because apparently they mostly sing in English! I honestly recommend you to listen to some of their newer songs and I will write about my first time attending a concert in Japan!

That’s all for today’s post guys! What do you want me to talk about next time?

Cheers to an awesome strawberry lunch💕


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