Letter on a Sunny Day


6 months, what a short time! Lots of things happened in the room we spent in for 7 hours a day. It was tiring.

But I am proud.

Of the brave hearts that traveled through various distances, leaving your homes behind to venture in an unfamiliar place. One can’t fully understand what we went through even when I tell them what happened in detail.

I am no poet. I believe you’ve guessed that. I am not a writer of big words, I am still struggling between opening Thesaurus for synonyms and typing.

I just want to write how big you guys are a part of my life here. Each day I try to survive from breaking down by not being to understand a single thing. I am supposed to learn what they are talking about but instead, I find myself overwhelmed by strange words that seemed to be pouncing, waiting for me to stop trying and ruin whatever it is I’m holding on for hope.

It’s funny when we got scores as small as our shoe sizes or stare into nothing when we had no clue about what kind of absurdity we are facing!

But each time we get to crack jokes in our short breaks, I feel like I am not alone. It hit me and I thought, I have my friends with me who are going through the same thing.

Even though we don’t know each other that well because of our language barrier, I learned a lot. More than just a language we can get from books.

And you, a wonderful person who gave your best in everything that you do. I shan’t name you. But each time, I can see your determination to help us. So we can blossom into a full flower,「咲く」just like what you said.

I am sorry. I saw you tear up today. I am not as perfect as you want me to be. At times, I tried to hide away. Because my shoulders felt heavy each time I remember the title and the responsibility that you trusted me with.

But all the regret aside, I am thankful for your help. Thankful of everything you gave us.

To end this, I want to say

thank you.

To the silly ones who joke around too much. Foolish as I might say you guys made me laugh every day, even when some of what you say makes no sense. Keep that bright smile of yours, be cheeky it’s not a bad thing, you guys are a bunch of wonderful people.

To you, the brilliant ones. I admire you, for what you were and what you’ve become. Whatever it is I hope your dreams will come true. Keep learning, challenge on new ideas, the world needs more people like you.

To those who just started. I should be honest, I don’t know you guys that well. But one thing that I want to say is, be brave. You may not understand a lot of things because you just came here but remember, lots of good things are waiting for you.

To my first friends, remember when I first shared a room with you guys? We talked about lots of interesting stuff. We weren’t able to speak to each other that well. But I am so proud of what you’ve become and I am thankful that I met you two. Good luck on your last year here.

To the most courageous of all. We just started talking and I wish I could’ve met you earlier. You are an amazing person, a girl with big heart and intelligence that could even be dangerous. Pursue your dreams, even when you make wrong choices that you might regret.

And lastly, to you. A woman of strong will and patience. Thank you for being there when I have no idea of what is happening. You tried to make sure that I understand, and would not leave me behind even when I am the only one who needed help. Thank you for all the things you taught me, I will do my best from now on.

Cheers to a new start, what lies ahead, and spring break! 🌟


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