A Happy Day in USJ, Osaka – Japan

Good morning guys! Today I’m going to my favorite place in Japan and probably the reason why I want to enter a university in Osaka (😉), Universal Studios Japan!

I had the chance to buy 2 express 7 tickets with my cousin, Putri. I bought this ticket a month ago in their Japanese website. I’m not sure if they have an English version of it but I’ll show you how to buy the express pass in the Japanese website!

To buy the express pass you need to buy the  1 or 2 day studio pass which cost ¥7,600 and ¥12,800 for adults, ¥5,100 and ¥8,620 for children (4-11 years old), and ¥6,830 for Seniors. For seniors, you can only buy 1 day studio pass.

Because the park itself is super crowded, I really reccomend you to buy the tickets online so you won’t need to waste 2 hours just for buying tickets. I will list a simple explanation to buy the ticket at the end of this entry, for full and detailed explanation I will also put a link to the website!

Since we selected our Harry Potter tickets early in the morning, we entered the Wizarding World of Harry Potter first. Being the Potterhead I am, I wish to warm you that this post is 85% Harry Potter related☺️

I bought my robe and neck tie around 5 years ago on my first trip here, but if you want to dress up first before entering Diagon Alley you can shop some gooda in the Hollywood area!

USJ’s HP world is actually the first one I travelled to. I wish someday I could go to other wizarding worlds and write about the differences and similarities!

We entered the Forbidden Journey and the flight of Hippogriff, our express pass made us wait for around 7 minutes only (including leaving our bags in the locker). Which was super worth it because you need to wait for 200 minutes with the regular ticket.

Had the chance to take a pic with the head guy and girl (I’m sorry I made this up)!

Never forget to try both hot and cold butterbeer when you’re here. They are the best drinks to quench your thirst after riding the 4K3D ride! We also went to the Three Broomsticks. Originally we wanted to try the great feast, but it was for 4 people and we realized we couldn’t finish it at all. Instead, I ordered chicken and Putri ordered fish and chips!

Never forget to buy sweets and your first (or 4th like me, maybe more) wand! Just a note that they don’t have every wood they listed in Pottermore. Mine is originally Acacia wood but they don’t sell it here. So instead I bought Birch which was my second wand.

After enjoying and investing (not wasting) too much time and money there, I forces myself to exit the little park and went outaide. See you soon Harry!

We ended up taking a stroll all over the park and joined the Reborn Parade which is only available until March 31st. If you want a schedule of USJ’s events you can click here.

I reccomend you to join one of their parades if you can. It was super awesome and you can interact with the dancers. Occasionally, they would ask you to come closer near the stages and you can dance together with them! I also got a handful of confetti they gave around and together, all of us threw it to the sky which was very festive and wonderful 💗

We were thankful because it was supposed to rain today. But then the sky changed its mind and we had a super sunny day!

After a long day of strolling around and going on rides, it was time go home. Even though I live in Japan, I honestly don’t know when I can come back here. So we went to our last store and invested more money on merchandises. I ended up buying too much that I need to bring 3 bags alone.

That was all I could tell you guys about my 9 hours journey in USJ. I couldn’t write a detailed post and upload more pictures because I was too busy fussing around and trying to stop myself from buying all of the merchandises 😅

My favorite ride is still Hollywood Dream the Ride. But I would love to spend an extra day in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I wish I can home here again soon!

Anyways, that’s all folks! Now, I will write on how to purchase the ticket online through the USJ website.

  1. First you need to access this website

  2. Because you want to buy the express ticket please click the 3rd button and select your desired date. If you want to buy the studio pass only press the select button

Because the express pass is limited I suggest you to book 3 months prior to your desired date. If you buy it only a week before, you’ll probably left with the less popular pack of rides.

  1. The next step is to choose your ticket type: express 7, express 5, express 4, express 2, or special set. The most popular sets are the ones that are sold everyday under the label of 毎日販売中.

These express pass includes (I will put a link on each express so you can check what rides you can ride with it):

Express 7 Standard

Express 7 Back Drop

Express 7 the Flying Dinosaur

Express 7 XR Ride

Express 4 Standard

Express 4 the Flying dinosaur

Express 4 XR Ride

Express 4 Minion Ride

Note that minion ride opens at April 21st 2017. If you want to check the express pass list by yourself click here.

  1. Next choose how you want to enter the park, the first picture is direct in where you only need to show a barcode each time you want to go on a ride and the second is to send the ticket to your home. I personally reccomend the first one with the QR code because its more convenient and you also need extra money if you want them to send the ticket to you.

5. Choose how many tickets you would like to buy

6. Because the area is limited you need to choose some of the scheduled rides like Harry Potter and the Flying Dinosaur. The schedule you can choose differs when you book it, but I reccomend not to choose them too late in the night because most of the restaurants will be closed even though the park hasn’t. For the schedule please click this button.

7. Then press this yellow button

8. If you have an account then please log in to end the purchase, if you don’t have then you can fill in the blanks by yourself. Please click this yellow button if you don’t have an account.

  1. Then you only need to fill registration form and select how you want to pay. You can either pay through credit card or convenience store. For address, just fill in your hotel address and that would be fine!

For more detailed tutorial please click here. It is a perfect tutorial and it was updated last year!

Thats all of today’s post,

cheers to Harry Potter and having fun 🎉

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