Iwanuma with 2GIB, Iwanuma – Japan

Some of you guys probably know that strawberries are kind of a thing in Japan and I don’t know why myself! They have the popular Shizuoka strawberries, Amamou strawberries, skyberries, and even strawberries that costs $10 each.

Well, the amazing types of strawberries and all their delicacies is another topic that I would talk about. Today, I am going to a popular strawberry parfait in Rika’s hometown, Iwanuma!

Let me introduce Rika a.k.a. our tour guide of the day. Trust me, she’s the sweetest and the most energetic person you can talk to! And today, me and my classmates decided to start golden week with parfait hunting (because we deserved it after 3 weeks of hell).

My class consists of 18 girls and a guy called Ren (he’s everyone’s’ favorite😉). Not your typical imagination of a class in Japan right? Well, to start with, we are not learning in a normal class.

Since the start of April, the 19 of us decided to try the infamous IB program. It is basically a demanding program from Europe that provides diplomas which you can use to enter universities worldwide. Its fun, crazy, and a lot more active than your normal class and our teachers are mostly foreigners.

So why not treat ourselves after surviving the first month of IB?

In the morning, I took the train with my friends from China, Canada (she’s half Japanese!), and Japan. Surely, you won’t remember all of my classmates, but they are Lynn, Mei, and Shiina. It took us 30 minutes to Sendai station and 20 minutes to Iwanuma station!

Sadly, Ren and a few of my classmates couldn’t make it 😞 But that’s alright! We have the whole year to spend time together!

So, the café we’re going to is actually one of the famoust cafes who offers strawberry parfait. Since it is well known and the seat is limited, you might have to wait!


Address: 989-2436 Miyagi Prefecture, Iwanuma, Fukiage, 3 Chome 7 – 1 3

Contact: 090-3366-4280


Other than parfaits, you can enjoy drinks for ¥400 or some delicious pizza! I personally think the parfait is a good balance between the sourness of the strawberry, crunchy corn flakes, and refreshing ice cream. The amount of strawberries per serving is actually a lot for ¥600, isn’t it? 😧

Normal and big size for me because why not! 😋🍓 Be mindful before coming here, even the normal size makes you full like as if you just ate two bowls of rice.

Since our main gig is done, we decided walked around Iwanuma and had some crazy fun. Rika found a huge cherry blossom tree that turned green already, and yes if you didn’t know cherry blossoms only live for 1 week before it turns green like the picture above!

And that’s just Lynn being the Lynn she is.

We ended up walking too much on the streets with thin clothes and harsh wind. But its alright, this might be one of the best memories I could ever have in Japan.

Thanks for the little trip 2GIB!

Cheers to the adventure that awaits🚌

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