Baseball Match School Trip, Sendai – Japan

Hello everyone!

Finally, I get to sit in front of my laptop with fingers ready to type in a short update for this week and it has to do with baseball! ❤️

Our school is actually one of the powerhouse of high school baseball team, we competed in the national baseball match called Koshien. Therefore, we were invited to watch one of Rakuten Eagles’s games for free!

It is actually my first time watching a baseball or even a game. I was so happy I get to watch it with my friends.

We need to gather in the other campus by 11 AM and goodness lord the train was full of our students. Even me and my friends can’t move a single limb as people from other stations come inside.

All that and we arrived safely! The entirity of my campus went there to watch the game, so it was super crowded and we needed to wait on the field with burning sun 🌞 There were students from the other campus waving at us, because yes aliens from another planet!

This campus is right beside the Rakuten Kobo Stadium and I was surprised that another school was invited to the other team!

We were ordered to seat according to our courses and the Foreign Language course gets to sit in the front with Eishin course while the Flex or the sports course got to sit at the top (yes I’m jealous 😞).

Here is the view of the stadium before it gets packed.

We also got to enjoy the food they sold at the food market! It was really delicious even though it is, in fact, expensive. Me and Lynn bought this cute Rakuten Eagles helmet with french fries, sausages, and karage for ¥1000.

Also, since a few of you guys emailed me and asked for me to introduce one of my friend, today your lucky day and I will introduce you to the star of our class. Ren-kun!

He is actually the only guy to join our IB class. But it seems like he’s everyone’s fave😂 Here’s more of the food market and Lynn being silly with our little helmet.

The game starts at 1 PM with a good start for Rakuten Eagles. The thing that I was surprised the most is the chants! Both the Rakuten Eagles and the Marines side took turns in supporting the teams with flags, drums, and whistles. It was fantastic!

The day got colder and the sun hid behind the clouds, maybe it is not a good day for Rakuten Eagles and the Marines took lead.

I was sad that we lost because it is my first time watching a baseball game… 😞 But then, it was still an amazing experience for me to be able to join my school and support Rakuten Eagles.

Thank you Rakuten Eagles! You did great, I hope I can watch your future games again!  ⚾️🎉

Cheers to a new experience.

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