Daily School Life – Sendai, Japan

Good day everyone!

So last night, I got an e-mail from a fellow student in Australia with a few questions that made me so happy to make this post early in the morning. Thank you!

If you have any questions for me regarding Japanese school or life in general, just fill the form in the top menu of this blog! I would love to answer them.

Let’s go straight ahead to the question:

“What does your daily school life look like? What do you learn and what time do you finish?

Well since I am an IB student, my study blocks will be different from normal classes. Also, Sendai Ikuei Gakuen is not a public school so we have different courses that you can choose to enter including:

  • Foreign Language Course (外国語コース) where all of the students are girls and they can choose between Chinese, Korean, or Spanish as an extra language other than national language (国語) and English. Also, in this course the Japanese students will travel to Hawaii anually and some do student exchanges to Canada.
  • Special University Preparatory Course (特別進学コース)
  • Personal Advancement Course (英進進学コース)
  • Computer Science Course (情報科学コース)
  • Flex Course (フレックスコース) focuses on club activities such as baseball, soccer, running, etc.
  • Skill Development Course (技能開発コース)
  • IBDP (part of the FLC) IBDP is a course you can take in your last 2 years. Since we are a lot busier than normal classes one class might only reach 20 students in total and includes one or two male students (the first class only has 8 students).
  • Shukoh which is actually a complete different school because they combine junior high school and high school.

Phew that’s a lot! So down below I will put 2 Thursday schedules. I will include one from my friend’s Personal Advancement Course class (Eishin) because I think it is the closest to Japanese schools in general and the other is IBDP.

Here you go!


7:30 AM: Morning call and getting ready for school

 If you live in the dorms you will have calls every 7:30 AM, 7 PM, and 10 PM. You need to go outside your room and say your room number. So basically, this is my alarm!

8 AM: Go to cafeteria for breakfast

8:30 AM: Walk to school

So obviously students who live outside the dorms or different courses will go to school earlier than me. For example, Rika has to take train from Iwanuma to Sendai and Sendai to my school region which will take around 1 and a half hour while Shiina has to take train to my school area for 30 minutes only!

8:50 AM: This is when the first bell rings and you are expected to sit in your seat. The teacher will come in and you need to stand when someone said “kiritsu” which means stand up, “rei, ohayougozaimasu” where you need to follow him or her and bow. Then the teacher will talk about some important things that you need to know for the day.

Eishin: Short home room

IBDP: Short home room

9:00 AM: 1st block.

Eishin: Music


9:50 AM: 10 minutes break

So in most Japanese schools, you will have 10 minute breaks after every lesson where you can eat, drink, go to the toilet, or go to your classes if it’s far away. During classes you can’t drink.

10 AM: 2nd block

Eishin: Modern society (I have no idea what that is)

IBDP: Japanese B

10:50 AM: 10 minutes break

11 AM: 3rd block

Eishin: Science

IBDP: English A

11:50 AM: Lunch time!

In my school, you can either eat bento in your class, go to the small school conveience store located outside the school called Koubai, go to the cafeteria to buy 300 yen food (which is heaven), or go to the cafeteria store. I mostly spend my time going to Koubai to buy karage and snacks with my friends and then go back to eat in my class and continue any homework I have.

12:35 PM: End of lunch break. 4th block!

Eishin: Communication English

IBDP: Math

1:25 PM: 10 minutes break

1:35 PM: 5th block

Eishin: Home (Again I have no idea what this is)

IBDP: World History

2:25 PM: 10 minutes break

2:35 PM: 6th block

Eishin: Social information

IBDP: Biology

3:25 PM: 10 minutes break // short home room

Eishin: Get ready to go home and clean the classroom

IBDP: Run to your class and run back to the music or art room.

3:35 PM: 7th block

IBDP: Visual Arts / Music

4:25 PM: Short home room. After the short home room ends, students need to clean their own classrom. I believe that this is the culture of most Japanese school!

4:45 PM: Arrive at home, change clothes and finally get to play my phone

5 PM: After showering, I tend to clean my bag and check my study planner or managebac. In another planner, I will plan what I need to do and extra learning for whatever interest me like Crash Course.

6 PM: Go to cafeteria for dinner

6:30 PM: Go back to the dorm and start studying

7:30 PM: 1st night call, this is the curfew of our dorm. Then I will continue to study.

10 PM: 2nd night call then continue to study

11 PM: Sleep

So thats what my daily school days look like. I know its kind of boring with all the studying and stuff, but I hope I answered your question!

Cheers to studying✨

4 thoughts on “Daily School Life – Sendai, Japan

  1. I really enjoyed reading this! Always so fascinating to read about other people’s daily routines 😀 I recently wrote about my trip to Japan if you want to check it out 😀 xx


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