My School Uniform, Sendai – Japan

Hello again! Before I start today’s entry, I want to say Ramadhan Mubarak to my muslim readers.

Today is a great day and I feel like sharing more of my high school life with you guys. I’ve been checking my inbox a lot lately and I was surprised that one of the most requested entries in my e-mail was…

My Japanese school uniform!

(left to right: Mei, Jacob, me, Amber, Astou)

Yes, because many have asked about my school uniform I will finally write about it! That’s a random digital art I made two months ago btw.

First of all, I would like to mention that Seifuku (制服) or school uniform is a big big thing here in Japan. It is a symbol of youth and a big part of their culture. I was surprised when I first came to Tokyo and saw students wearing their uniform to places like Harajuku and Disneyland. It was like a fashion statement itself!

I want to mention that I study in a private school, that means we have our own uniform unlike some schools that let their students buy their own sweater, vest, ribbons, etc. We also have a lot of regulations such as our skirt length, wearing blazers when leaving the class, buttons etc. and sometimes it can also be very strict.

But what I love about my school is the fact that we can wear any shoes and any bag styles we want! Many actually go to school with their club bags or jackets. Yes, most clubs in my school has their own stylized bags, jackets, and accessories which took me back for quiet a while.

Below I will mention what’s required for female students’ uniform for each season. p.s. before I start, please ignore my messy floor😖


Required: Blazer with course badge, sweater, long sleeved shirt, ribbon, winter skirt, socks

Optional: Extra badges, coat

During winter, it can get 0 degrees celsius every day in Tagajo. I personally think that is freezing because Indonesia’s average temperature is 25 every day.

Students need to wear the mentioned uniform above and many of them would actually wear thick coats and stick kairo (カイロ) under our sweater, socks, and inside our pockets.

I personally love wearing my puma coat that reaches my knees, and if it’s still cold I usually wear my Slytherin scarf plus gloves. Sometimes other students would wear coats as long as their ankles too!

Fall and spring

Required: Blazer with course badge, sweater or vest, long or short sleeved shirt, ribbon, winter or summer skirt, socks

Optional: Extra badges, coat or jacket

During the beginning of fall or the end of spring, the weather can be kind of weird and hot. It is up to the students if they want to wear sweater or vest, long or short sleeved shirt, and winter or summer skirt. Sweater and ribbons are obligations when fall starts and the wind becomes cold.

Rain also happens a lot in these seasons so we can wear either coat or jacket on top of our uniform.

One thing that I want to mention is that during events like being invited to watch baseball match, or special guest giving presentation, we need to wear our vests and blazer. I even heard one of my friend said that not all school have vests, and it shows how prestigious the school is. I had no idea about that😲


Requirement: Vest with course badge, long or short sleeved shirt, summer skirt, socks

Optional: Extra badge

Now, summer uniform is probably my favorite uniform style of all. It’s because I don’t have to perfect my ribbon all day! Summer uniform starts around June when the rainy season comes.

During summer, female students can’t wear ribbons and we can open the top button of our shirt. We can also choose if we want to wear the long or short sleeved shirt. If it gets rainy or windy, we can wear our blazer too.


  • Course badge? Extra badge?

As I’ve mentioned in my last entry, there are 6 different courses in my school. So to distinguish each student’s course we have different colored badges like black for Tokushin, green for Eishin, and red for Gaikokugo. I’m not sure about the other courses and their badges.

Extra badges are the badges that we are free to put on our blazer or vest. It can be flags of our own country, pins of what we love the most, our clubs, etc. My extra badges include an IB pin, Slytherin symbol which is my house btw, kappa a Japanese creature that loves cucumber, and a cat on a bulldozer.

  • Do you have indoor slippers?

No, unlike most of Japanese schools my school have indoor shoes instead of slippers. It is mainly because our school is really big and sometimes we need to go to different buildings and different building blocks.

Each year has different colors according to the enrolling time, for example, this term’s indoor shoes placements are red for first year, blue for second year, and yellow for third year. This rotates every year so it means that blue will be third year for the next term.

  • What about your P.E. uniform?

Our P.E. uniform consists of a long jacket and joggers. Both are colored blue with our names stitched on the lower part so we won’t lose them. During spring and summer, we can wear shorts and T-shirts that are either blue, black, white, or yellow because it’s our school’s color.

I wanted to take pictures of my P.E. uniform and indoor shoes too but I always leave it in my locker. I will update this post with the pictures soon! Sorry guys.

That’s all for today’s entry and I hoped it helped those who are interested in Japanese school uniforms!

Cheers to weekends 🍵

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