School Festival, Sendai – Japan

Welcome to Ikueisai!

It’s been a long time since I posted! School had been really stressful and there were lots of projects that I have to work on especially in IB. I guess no matter where you go to school, it is really tiring isn’t it?

But finally, it was two days without stress and homework. Ikueisai is a 2 days festival held annually in early October at my school, 仙台育英学園高等学校 or Sendai Ikuei Gakuen. In these two days, students get to show their talent in performances, sell food, and have an open campus for people who are interested in our school. If you have the time please come next year too🎊

Last year at this moment, it was my first time coming to Japan and I was still the new kid who was super awkward and kept on following people around😦 But now, I get to sell Poutine with my class and I’ve made lots of friends!

October 7, 2017


Well on the first day it was raining pretty bad and we had to cook inside the IB room. I didn’t take any pictures because I kept on running back and forth delivering our Poutine! But it was a fun day to learn how to work with others and our Poutine was really delicious🍟 Thank you 2GIB for your hard work!!

October 8, 2017

Festivals are more enjoyable when it’s sunny, right? Thankfully, our second day was really warm and everyone was happy in this weather. I get to enter Obake (お化け) which means haunted house! Actually, it wasn’t scary as most high school haunted houses, but I’d like to praise the Tokushin students for being able to draw lots of attention!!

There were also lots of performances like band, cheerleader, boys dressing up like girls, traditional dances, and more! I didn’t get the permission to upload their pictures though, so maybe next time I can share it with you guys.

My old friend from grade 1 joined the swimming club (with pink jackets!) and they sold these little cakes that looked like Kue Cubit. It costs ¥200 yen like most of the food sold here, I was really happy to see him because we’re studying in different campuses and he had to eat breakfast early each day. He had to work in the tent some more though, so good luck!



Also, 5 of the 12 Indonesians at Ikuei gathered and took a picture with the teacher in charge of us. Someday I’d like to take a picture with all of us too!

From the very left are Raymond (2nd year), James (1st year), Rian (2nd year), me (2nd year), Seva (1st year), and Arai sensei. We have 3 of the third years but they weren’t with us during the Ikueisai. So to my readers who asked about Indonesian students here, don’t worry there are lots and we’re very nice😁

In the IB section, the visual arts students got to exhibit their latest artworks and I was one of them. I want to introduce you to Jessica who had stayed with me for the past 3 months. Well, what I want to tell through my artwork is up to you for interpretation! That was actually part of my motivation to make artwork.



I think that is all that I wanted to tell to you guys. I met lots of my friends and had some fun. So I will put the pictures in after this to show how cool Ikueisai is! Please come here if you have the time to next year💃🏻


img_8972img_9050img_8987img_8989Image 10-8-17 at 5.42 PM

Thank you for reading! I know it’s a pretty short entry, but I hope I can post more soon. Cheers to a year abroad and what will come.



6 thoughts on “School Festival, Sendai – Japan

    1. I’d say maybe! Most of the schools in Japan has what they call Bunkasai (文化祭) but ours is called Ikueisai (育英祭) since our school name is Sendai Ikuei (仙台育英)😁


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